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Our Brands

Babycare and sleeping specialist from France. Over 30 years of experience. ISO-certified production line, stringent European Safety control meausres and its own factory in France.


Nearly a hundred years ago, the Cantal region in the heart of France became the birthplace of Combelle. All products are designed and adapted to European Safety standards. 


For decades, Micuna have been exhaustive control the quality and safety controls of all products. From the initial work of design, innovation, selection of materials, manufacturing and finishes.


Done by Deer is a Danish company, founded in December 2014. For the last two years we have designed modern lifestyle products for families with babies and toddlers.


“Doona’s voyage began with my desire to create a safe and simple environment for the most precious thing in my life – my newborn daughter Danielle (“Doona”). When my wife and I had our first daughter, we felt the need to spend as much quality time with her and took her everywhere. While we understood the importance of protecting her, the Go

Who We Are

At Jakewell, we seek the finest baby products from around the globe. From beautifully handmade baby garments, furniture with great functionalities, to babycare expert product lines – Jakewell is committed to bringing the most unique and caring products for our babies and parents.