【Tripp Trapp陪伴寶寶每個成長時刻🦶🏻

📸 紀錄 #TrippTrapp 陪伴寶寶moments🌟 [照片一經採用,即刻獲得豐富禮物]


各位爸B媽咪對寶寶🧸每個第一次嘅回憶都珍而重之,相信 TrippTrapp 都陪伴住好多小朋友迎接不同的第一次🌻 小編邀請各位爸B媽咪😊share TrippTrapp成長椅陪伴BB各個有趣時刻~❤️


🌟公開招募 #TrippTrapp陪伴寶寶美好時刻相片💐 讓世界充滿愛

不限時間 No Expiry (on-going campaign)

不限次數 No Entry Limit (enter as many as you want)

不限數量 No Limit on Our Gifts (if 3 of your photos are selected, you will get 3 gifts)


💪🏻 照片一經採用,即送禮物 🎁

🎁 過百份獎品,等你地嚟攞 🎉




做齊以下步驟👶🏻 即刻成為Tripp Trapp Model!

Steps to enter the campaign and become a little Tripp Trapp stylelister!


1. 👍🏻 讚好 Jakewell HK 專頁

Like @DoonaHongKong and @Jakewell HK fan page


2. 📸 於留言區貼上小朋友用Tripp Trapp成長椅相片📝 並留言分享小朋友有趣故事

Share your cutie kids’ style with the Doona® Liki Trike photo under this post and tell us your style idea!


3. Tag 三個朋友仔

Tag at least 3 friends of yours who also have children with similar age


4. 👍🏼 讚好 及 🌏公開分享呢個 Post

Like this post and share it publicly (so that we can trace it!)



Campaign details terms & conditions:

1. 完成以上所有步驟,照片構圖可以清楚影到Stokke任何一款High Chair (Tripp Trapp®/ Steps™/ Clikk™),而被挑選的話,將會收到本專頁 inbox 通知有關領取獎品之流程,並需要親身蒞臨 Jakewell 專門店(奧海城二期 UG28 號舖/港島北角匯二期117號舖) 領取。

After completing the 4 steps above, photo which can clearly see any Stokke® High Chair (Tripp Trapp®/ Steps™/ Clikk™) will be selected and we will inbox to inform details of claiming the gift. You are required to visit one of our retail store for the pic up (Shop UG28, Olympian City 2, West Kowloon / Shop 117, Harbour North Phase 2, North Point)

2. 本專頁會以Inbox 形式通知被採用的相片,屆時需提供Stokke High Chair 上的產品序號相片,以作記錄。
We will inbox to inform details of claiming the gift, please also provide product serial number photo for the record

3. 相片一經採用,即有可能作為宣傳用途。
Once the photos are adopted, it may be used for promotional purposes.

4. 所有禮物均不得更換,退回或兌換現金。本專頁保留決定及更改活動內容之權利。如有任何爭議,本專頁保留最終決定權。
The gift is neither returnable nor refundable in cash. In case of any dispute, this Jakewell fan page reserves the right for a final decision.