French Heritage at its best

Babycare and sleeping specialist from France. Over 30 years of experience. ISO-certified production line, stringent European Safety control meausres and its own factory in France.


Natural products for children who like things natural.

Nearly a hundred years ago, the Cantal region in the heart of France became the birthplace of Combelle. All products are designed and adapted to European Safety standards. 


Your feelings make our efforts counts.

For decades, Micuna have been exhaustive control the quality and safety controls of all products. From the initial work of design, innovation, selection of materials, manufacturing and finishes.

Done By Deer

Cool and fabulous design for children

Done by Deer is a Danish company, founded in December 2014. For the last two years we have designed modern lifestyle products for families with babies and toddlers.

Combining great design, innovation and a daring use of contemporary colours to make every item outstanding, the Done by Deer interior and toys are for families who want to maintain a balance when decorating with kids in mind and still appreciate the simplicity of Danish design, which easily matches the rest of the décor.

We combine modern Scandinavian design with features that are fun and playful for children. All of our products are designed in-house naturally tested thoroughly to comply with strict European safety standards.



At babybay®, we take our lead from parents.

Babybay® - Sustainable methods, and completely safe for the baby. Never having to get up at night for breastfeeding, cuddling, and comforting is an incredible relief for parents.


From Car Seat to Stroller in seconds.

“Doona’s voyage began with my desire to create a safe and simple environment for the most precious thing in my life – my newborn daughter Danielle (“Doona”). When my wife and I had our first daughter, we felt the need to spend as much quality time with her and took her everywhere. While we understood the importance of protecting her, the day-to-day use of infant car seats and strollers was agonizing.

From my small designer’s workshop, I set a clear goal in mind: To transform the infant car seat into something safe yet simple and practical. This was the idea behind Doona™.

Today Doona’s vision is to share this passion with all parents around the globe, constantly striving to design products that will inspire parents and help them in the first stages of parenthood.

Doona™ is committed to this vision and welcomes you to join its exciting Journey.”

Yoav Mazar


Bathing Eating Playing

Rotho Babydesign specialises in providing bathing and toiletry solution to parents and toddlers. The 125 year-old mother company which produces high quality plastic products to household.


At Nosiboo, we believe that instead of medication, prevention is the right way to keep our children healthy – the responsibility is ours, the parents’.