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Baby Strollers & Car Seats Buying Guide for First- Time Parents

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There are lots of Baby strollers and car seats in the market. As a first-time parent, you may feel difficult to choose them. Besides, there are a lot of doubts about baby strollers and car seats. For example, is the usage time of baby strollers and car seats as long as good? Is the position for baby to sit on the baby strollers as high as good? Is the baby stroller able to be folded as small as good? 

enlightenedGet to Know with Baby Strollers 

There are mainly three types of baby strollers. For the first type, the usage time is for newborn to two years old children. Also, there are baby strollers which suitable for two to four years old children. Some of the baby strollers can be used for newborn to four years old children.

The angle of baby strollers which suitable for newborn to two years old children have to be at least 150°. So, babies will feel just like holding by parents. They will feel more comfortable. Babies should not lay down 180°. It may cause reflux which is a dangerous situation.

Besides, there are a few points which are important when parents deciding to buy which baby stroller. 

  • Material is safety & non-toxic
  • It meets the general safety requirement, e. g. European Standards
  • It is stable when you pull the baby stroller
  • It is with a brake function
  • It is five-point harness
  • The pad on the baby strollers is breathable

Photo(Baby Strollers function)

Apart from safety, convenient is one of the important considerations. As a family living in a big city, both father and mother have to work. Father and mother may not be easy to apply for leave at the same time. When it is time for baby to be vaccinated or have a body check, the mother probably drives by herself or take a taxi alone. For the traditional situation, it is inconvenient. Please look at the video:

Video (傳統上下車與Doona 分別)

Form the video, it shows that as a family lives in a big city, a convenient baby stroller is indispensable.

For the baby strollers which suitable for two to four years old children, it should be light. The reason is that two to four years old children can walk. Parents may go out with kids more and more. A light baby stroller will be more convenient. Also, if you can fold the baby stroller by just using one hand, it will be better.

To sum up, baby in different ages need different baby strollers!!!!!

enlightenedGet to Know with Car Seat

A car seat is to protect babies from the impact of crashes. According to the European Standards, there are mainly five age groups of the car seat. As shown below:


Infant Weight

Approximate Usage Time 

(Depand on Babies' Weight)

Ref. WHO


Group 0


Around 0-1 years old

Babies sit inversely.

It is a five-point harness.

Group 0+ 


Around 0-2 years old

Babies sit inversely.

It is a five-point harness.

It is a baby basket at the same time.

Group 1


Around 9 months -4 years old

Babies can face forward or sit inversely.

It is a five-point harness.

Group 2


Around 4-6 years old

Babies mainly face forward.

Some of the cat seats allow kids to sit inversely.

Children can use the seat belt for adults directly.

Group 3


Around 4-10 years old

It is a booster seat mainly.

Children can use the seat belt for adults directly.


Photo (不同Age Group Car Seat)

Moreover, it is common for a car seat to be used with an ISOFIX (International Standards Organization FIX. It is a base for the car seat. The function of it is to help parents install the car seat quickly. Some of the car seats must be used with ISOFIX while some is not a must to be used with ISOFIX. Parents should be aware of it.


Dispel the Myth of the Baby Strollers

  • To save money, should I just buy one baby stroller which suitable for newborn to four years old kids?

There are different targets for baby strollers. Only buying one baby stroller which suitable for newborn to four years old kids may help you save money. However, for real situations, there are different concerns in different phases. For a newborn baby, he/she needs a stroller that has higher protection. As it is higher protection, it normally has to be heavier. The reason for requiring high protection, newborn babies are still adapting to the environment and having physical development. Besides, babies who are just newborn to six months are not able to sit yet. When parents take their baby out for a vaccination or a body check, high protection, and convenient baby strollers are important. 

For kids who are two to four years old, they have the ability of walking and running. It is common that parents take their kids out and have fun together. Therefore, they need a light and convenient baby strollers. It will allow parents to go everywhere.

In conclusion, based on the real situation, every family needs at least two baby strollers.

Photo (TimeLine)

Dispel the Myth of the Car Sear

  • If I don't have my private car, I do not need to buy a car seat?

Even without a private car, parents may take babies out by taxi mainly. In the past, parents have to hold babies by themselves or using a baby carrier when they take a taxi. It sounds so dangerous. We can't even imagine how to protect the baby when there is a crash. Therefore, a car seat is necessary. 

  • At what age, kids do not need to use a car seat?

Kids are suggested to use a car seat until twelve years old normally. When kids are twelve years old or 135cm height, they can just use the seat belt for adults. If kids use seat belts for adults before twelve years old, it is dangerous. There are chances of their faces being covered by the seat belt for adults. Kids' neck may be fastened too. It is better to buy a car seat that the age group suits your kids' age. If you buy a car seat that can be used from newborn to twelve years old, the car seat may not be specific for each stage of kids.

  • Can my kids use the car seat without an ISOFIX base? Is it safe or dangerous?

ISOFIX is an international standard, which aims for helping parents to fix a car seat in the car easily without using the seat belt. There are different types of car seats. Some of the models can be used without an ISOFIX while some can't. Parents should check for the requirement carefully. 

  • For real situation, how do I use the baby strollers and car seat when I need to get on the car?

When parents get on the car:

  1. Hold on baby in arm before get on the car;

  2. Put baby on the car seat;

  3. Fold the baby stroller and put it into the car baggage compartment.

When parents get off the car:

  1. Open the car baggage compartment and open the baby stroller;

  2. Hold on baby from the car seat and put baby on the baby stroller;

  3. Pull baby stroller and go.

This process is complicated. You may wake up baby when you try to hold on baby from the cat seat. Besides, when you go out with baby, you have to bring out lots of baby stuff, like the milk powder, nappy, etc. When you are taking lots of things, it is really inconvenient  to get on/ get off the car.


Living in a big city with a fast pace of life, mothers may take out babies alone. If mothers face these situations alone, it will be troublesome and inconvenient. Not every driver is nice and patience to wait for mothers to get off the car slowly. The traffic situation may lead mothers to get on/ get off the car quickly. Is there any solution? 

One Baby Stroller Four Big Function

Doona is the world’s first infant car seat with a complete and fully integrated mobility solution, allowing you to move from car seat to stroller in seconds. It is a baby stroller, car seat, cradle, basket at the same time. From car seat to stroller in seconds! In this process, you will not wake babies up. Babies are still sleeping.

When doona become a car seat, you can use it as a cradle and basket. It is necessary to take babies out of the hospital. Let's see how Doona helps parents to take babies out conveniently. 


For safety, Donna meets the European Standard and U.S. Standard. It is made from safe and non-toxic material. Doona has also received different international rewards. These are the guarantee and affirmation to Doona's quality. 

There is a five-point harness for Doona. The double wall structure provides extra protection to babies. It reduces the impact of crashes. There is anti-rebound protection by the design of Doona. It protects babies from rebound injuries.

For convenience, there are only two steps to install the car seat. 1. Tie the seat belt. 2. Pull the handle against the back of the seat of the car.

To families who do not have a private car, they can use the car seat by just two steps when they take a taxi.

To sum up, a car seat which for newborn baby, the most important considerations are convenient and safe!

Doona is a suitable choice.

Doona Everywhere 

There are lots of international celebrities using Doona. For examples, Ivaka Trump, the daughter of U. S. president; Bradley Cooper, the main male character Academy Awards Nominations movie: "A Star Is Born"; Gal Gadot, playing Wonder Woman in the DC Extended Universe; Novak Djokovic, a famous tennis player; Guo Jingjing, former Chinese diving athlete.

Hong Kong celebrities also use Doona. For example, Coffee Lam, Janice and Man Family, Carat Cheung, Ella Koon, Monie Tung, Yan Ng, etc.

(From Coffee Lam Instagram @coffee89921)

(From 沈可欣楊證樺Janice & Man Facebook page)  

(From Carat Cheung Instagram @caratcheung)

(From Ella Koon Instagram @koonella)

(From Monie Tung Instagram @monietung)

(From Yan Ng Instagram @yan512)

For Doona, you can inquiry with Jakewell and visit their shops/website!

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