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Dispel the Myth of Baby Strollers & Car Seat

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There are different types of baby strollers and car seats. There are different advantages to each of them. Parents should choose baby strollers and car seat base on your situation. In the following part, we may point out some ten big myths of baby strollers and car seat to help parents choosing them.

Myth 1 of Baby Strollers: Usage Time Misunderstanding

  • To save money, should I just buy one baby stroller which suitable for newborn to four years old kids?

There are different targets for baby strollers. Only buying one baby stroller which suitable for newborn to four years old kids may help you save money. However, for real situations, there are different concerns in different phases. For a newborn baby, he/she needs a stroller that has higher protection. As it is higher protection, it normally has to be heavier. The reason for requiring high protection, newborn babies are still adapting to the environment and having physical development. Besides, babies who are just newborn to six months are not able to sit yet. When parents take their baby out for a vaccination or a body check, high protection, and convenient baby strollers are important. 

For kids who are two to four years old, they have the ability of walking and running. It is common that parents take their kids out and have fun together. Therefore, they need a light and convenient baby strollers. It will allow parents to go everywhere.

In conclusion, based on the real situation, every family needs at least two baby strollers.

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Myth 2 of Baby Strollers: Weight & Size Misunderstanding

  • Are baby strollers as light as good?

Light baby strollers will be more convenient when parents get on the car. This is because it can be folded easily in general. However, the protection and suspension of baby strollers may be weaker than heavier baby strollers. To a newborn baby, they need to be protected and a stable environment. We should consider babies' need before thinking about the situation of getting on/ get off the car.

  • Should my baby strollers be folded as small as possible?

The reason for expecting baby strollers can be folded as small as possible is that we should think about how we store our baby strollers after we get on the car. If parents take public transport, parents need to make sure that their baby stroller will not block the passage. Therefore, a baby stroller which can be folded as small as possible may bring fewer effects to others. When we choose a baby stroller, we should think about the situation after getting on the car rather than just pursue a baby stroller can be folded as small as possible without reasons.

Myth 3 of Baby Strollers: Folding Misunderstanding

  • Should I buy a baby stroller which can be folded by just using one hand?

​The reason for is that we can fold and unfold the baby stroller in just seconds. The most important is that the design of the baby stroller will not cause any inconvenience to parents. Let's see how the daily conservation of getting on & getting off the car.

When parents get on the car:

  1. Hold on baby in arm before get on the car;

  2. Put baby on the car seat;

  3. Fold the baby stroller and put it into the car baggage compartment.

When parents get off the car:

  1. Open the car baggage compartment and open the baby stroller;

  2. Hold on baby from the car seat and put baby on the baby stroller;

  3. Pull baby stroller and go.

From that, it shows that when we choose baby strollers, we must consider how it will perform when we get on/ get off the car. Not every driver is nice and patience to wait for mothers to get off the car slowly. The traffic situation may lead mothers to get on/ get off the car quickly. Therefore, we should consider a convenient baby stroller.

Myth 4 of Baby Strollers: Suspension Misunderstanding

  • Should I buy a baby stroller which has the suspension? 

Hong Kong is an international city. Living in a big city, parents mainly pull the baby strollers on the flat road instead of the muddy road. Therefore, a baby stroller which has the suspension is dispensable. When we try the baby stroller, we should confirm that is the wheel stable or not when we are pulling the baby stroller.

Myth 5 of Baby Strollers: Second-hand Misunderstanding

  • Should I buy a second-hand baby stroller to save money?

​We are difficult to make sure that the baby stroller is affected by the extravasation of urine or milk which spat out by baby even though the baby stroller may look clean and new. If parents buy a second-hand baby stroller, babies may be affected. To a newborn baby, their skin is more sensitive. Parents should reduce any chances that may stimulate babies' skin. The hygiene of baby strollers is one of the most important considerations. It is not suggested to purchase a second-hand baby stroller.

Myth 1 of Car Seat: Necessity Misunderstanding

  • Is a car seat necessary?

​according to the chapter "Child Safety in Cars" of "Road Safety" which written by Transport Department, it mentioned that:

The best way to protect them from the impact of a crash is to put them in a suitable restraint. This will stop them being thrown around the car. 

If you are the driver, it is your responsibility to ensure any front seat and front middle seat passenger of or under the age of 2 years is securely fastened to his seat by means of an approved restraint for children which is different from the ordinary seat belt. 

From this, it shows that a car seat is important to protect babies from the crashes.

Also, the seat belt for adults is not suitable for babies or child. This is because children are not tall enough to use it. The seat belt may cover children's face or fasten children's neck. It will cause danger.

  • Will it be safer if the baby is held by parents? 

When the adult is holding a baby and sitting on the backseat and there is a crash, the baby may be thrown out of the car or caught between the adult and the front seat of the car.

When the adult is holding a baby and sitting on the front seat and there is a crash, the airbag is not able to protect the baby, the baby cannot withstand the impact of opening the airbag. The baby may get hurt from it.

  • If I don't have my private car, I do not need to buy a car seat?

Even without a private car, parents may take babies out by taxi mainly. In the past, parents have to hold babies by themselves or using a baby carrier when they take a taxi. It sounds so dangerous. We can't even imagine how to protect the baby when there is a crash. Therefore, a car seat is necessary. 

Myth 2 of Car Seat: Usage Time Misunderstanding

  • At what age, kids do not need to use a car seat?

Kids are suggested to use a car seat until twelve years old normally. When kids are twelve years old or 135cm height, they can just use the seat belt for adults. If kids use seat belts for adults before twelve years old, it is dangerous. There are chances of their faces being covered by the seat belt for adults. Kids' neck may be fastened too. It is better to buy a car seat that the age group suits your kids' age. If you buy a car seat that can be used from newborn to twelve years old, the car seat may not be specific for each stage of kids.

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Myth 3 of Car Seat: ISOFIX Misunderstanding

  • Can my kids use the car seat without an ISOFIX base? Is it safe or dangerous?

ISOFIX is an international standard, which aims for helping parents to fix a car seat in the car easily without using the seat belt. There are different types of car seats. Some of the models can be used without an ISOFIX while some can't. Parents should check for the requirement carefully. 

Myth 4 of Car Seat: Place of origin Misunderstanding

  • Are the car seat which made in Europe the best?

Compared with the place of origin, it is important that what safety standard or quality control has the car seat met. These verifications may ensure that the car seat can protect babies from the crashes.

Myth 5 of Car Seat: Second-hand Misunderstanding

  • Should I buy a second-hand car seat to save money?

​Even the car seat look like a new one, we are difficult to ensure that did the second-hand car seat protect a baby in a crash before. There may be a loss. Also, some components of the car seat may be aged with the time. It is difficult to be observed. To ensure babies' safe, it is suggested to buy a new car seat. ​

To sum up, we should consider the convenience, protection and safety of the baby strollers and car seats when we decide to purchase a baby stroller and a car seat. We should not focus on babies' need before how to save money.

Is there any product which is value for money, able to protect babies and meet the needs of babies?

One Baby Stroller Four Big Function

Doona is the world’s first infant car seat with a complete and fully integrated mobility solution, allowing you to move from car seat to stroller in seconds. It is a baby stroller, car seat, cradle, basket at the same time. From car seat to stroller in seconds! In this process, you will not wake babies up. Babies are still sleeping.

When doona become a car seat, you can use it as a cradle and basket. It is necessary to take babies out of the hospital. Let's see how Doona helps parents to take babies out conveniently. 


For convenience, there are only two steps to install the car seat. 1. Tie the seat belt. 2. Pull the handle against the back of the seat of the car.

To families who do not have a private car, they can use the car seat by just two steps when they take a taxi.。


For safety, Donna meets the European Standard and U.S. Standard. It is made from safe and non-toxic material. Doona has also received different international rewards. These are the guarantee and affirmation to Doona's quality. 

There is a five-point harness for Doona. The double wall structure provides extra protection to babies. It reduces the impact of crashes. There is anti-rebound protection by the design of Doona. It protects babies from rebound injuries.

To sum up, a car seat which for newborn baby, the most important considerations are convenient and safe!

Doona is a suitable choice. Besides, it is one product with four big functions (baby stroller, car seat, cradle, basket). That is a very good value for money.