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Baby Cot Buying Guide for First-time Parents

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Great! The baby is coming and a busy time is gauranteed! As a first time parent you will have to prepare a lot of different things e.g. daipers, formula, clothes, underwear, keeping warm and the list goes on.

If getting an appropriate baby cot and mattress for your baby is not on your list, you are missing out something very very important. We all know baby spent a lot of time, for newborn up to 18-20 hours per day. There is every reason for you as a parent to set up a suitable sleeping environment, and getting the right gears for your baby for a goodnight sleep. 

Here in this article, we have summarised a handful of commonly seen baby bed, baby cots and cribs in Hong Kong and Macau, each with unique function and feature matching to different requirements.

And of course they all serve one purpose: for our little ones to sleep well (and so do we!!) 

Professional Choice, Best Value for Money

(Combelle Arthur Cot / Sourced from the Internet)

Combelle is a wooden furniture manufacturer for almost a century, it is also a reputable furniture maker that is endorsed by the French Government with EPV certificate, which only a very selective company can receive such title. All furniture are made out of solid beech wood, no chemical involved in the manufcaturing process, and most importantly passing the very strict European Safety standard for baby use. Combelle Arthur bed cot comes with unique colours, with 4 level of mattress height adjustment (suitable for 4 stages: newborn, baby start to turn, kneel and finally stand up right). For child use up to 4 years of age. 

With traditioanl wisdom in the furniture, the cot also has special feature to remove 3 of the side bars, allowing the baby to into / out of the bed cot at a safe height. This is important as some baby will try to "climb" out of bed, and fall from the full height of the bed. At any time parents need to keep a close eye on the behaviour of baby. However, with the removable sidebar, it offers chance to train baby and make sure the bed room is a safe evnironment. 

Click to understand more: Combelle Arthur Cot

Best from the Foldable Category

(Combelle Foldable Romeo)

Foldable bed cot is also a popular choice for Hong Kong / Macau homes for space consideartion. WIth its foldable purpose, the bed can bed used in bedroom at night for a quiet sleep, and push it to the living room in day time for easy taking care of the little one. Or simple fold it up in the storage if you do no need to use it for a while. This foldable bed is made out of solid wood, offering 3 adjustable mattress height, for child use up to 4 years old. 

Click to understand more: Combelle Foldable Arthur Crib

Choice of Flexibility 

(Combelle Mini Arthur Crib)

Combelle from France is known as the expert in children furniture manufacturer. In 2019, Combelle is proud to announce a new line of bed, suitable for new age parents, and their way of living. Introducing Mini Arthur cot. With its compact and functional size, parents will find themself having a very cozy crib at night in the bed room, and pushing it out to the lounge / living room for easy looking after in the day time. This compact bed is very manoeuvrable and suitable for the size of new age homes.

Click to understand more: Combelle Mini Arthur Crib

Baby within Arm's Reach 

(Babybay Boxspring Co-Sleeper)

In recent years, co-sleeping has become the trend of babycare, not just because it is very convenient to look after the baby this way, especially for breast feeding mothers. It is critical to point out that it is much safer to place the newborn in a separate bed yet close to as the parents. Babybay is a specialist in this area from Germany and they dedicate to safe and healthy co-sleeping, as baby and the mother will find benefit being close together. Babybay co-sleeper can be used up to around 1 year old.

Click to understand more: Babybay Boxspring Co-Sleeper 

Mix & Match Basic Style

(Micuna Basic Cradle Baby Crib / Baby bed)

Micuna is the top children furniture manufacturer from Valencia, Spain. The spainish furniture maker has over 40 years of experience and expertise, it is also a company with great environmental concern, using safe and water-based paint for all their furniture. For this Basic style bed cot we are looking at, it is their classic beauty. It has 5 level of height adjustment, a drop side with double safety lock, EN standard approved. 

Click to understand more: Micuna Basic Cradle Cot

Helpful Accessories

(Micuna Accessories for Basic Cradle Baby Crib / Baby bed

Apart from the above mentioned Basic Cot, there are a number of optional accessories that you can add it to the cot.

- Relax System: Which acts as a inclined level for the mattress, this is to reduce chance of reflux, as well as improving baby blood circulation and breathing throughout the night. 

- Ride-on Changing mattress: for easy diaper changing, can tuck it away if not use

- Co-sleeping gear: Enabling the co-sleeping mode for normal size bed cots

- Twin kit: Perfectly unique to connect twins! 

Click to understand more: Micuna Basic Cot - Accessories

Award-winning in Design

(Done by Deer Little Interior Baby Crib / Baby Cot)

Done by Deer from Denmark, One of the biggest name in Europe in recent years. Their lines of products are very designed based and yet functional. This line of funriture named "the liitle interiors" received red-dot design award in 2017. Suitable for many homes with trend and lifestyle. For this bed, there are 2 sizes, one up to 4 years old, and a bigger size up to 7 years old. It can also be converted in to a toddler bed (with safety rail), and even a nice-looking sofa.

Click to understand more: Done by Deer Little Interior Cot

Dolce Luce - The "Star Gazer"

(Micuna Dolce Luce Baby Crib / Baby Cot)​

This truly unique in design and functionality bed cot by Micuna is none you have ever seen. It has special feature to turn up a comfortable LED light, minicking the stars from the night sky. This will give comfort to the baby for a good night sleep, or when they are crying, this will help sooth (or amaze!) them! This special cot offers a oduble lock drop side, 3 level of height adjustment and up to 4 years of age. It also comes with a functional "Relax system" to help baby with a healthy sleep. 

Click to understand more: Micuna Dolce Luce Cot

Customisable Design


(Micuna Life Concept baby Crib / baby Cot)​

Having problem matching your home theme or colour? This baby cot is what you need! With Micuna Life Cot, you can change the colour of the bar. You can also remove the bar individually to allow safe getting in and out of bed for the little ones. This bed can also be converted into a toddler or child bed and can be used till 6-7 years of age. 

Click to understand more: Micuna Life Cot

Smart Baby Crib

(Micuna bbsitter Crib)​

We are in the new age of technology. Apart from the traditional cots that we see above, Micuna offers a new generation of cot named the "BBsitter". This is a smart baby crib / baby cot with sensors, so that it will get baby's condition and send this information real-time to an app (Andriod only for now). 

Inspired by Montessori

The theme of Montessori: individualism / freedom / respect and considerate to others. Micuna tries to combine all of these elements into making of this brand new furniture line "Micussori".

TIPI House, as you can see is a simple design house cot, motivating children to learn, play and explore. A lot of options for decorating such a beautiful house, and the children are gauranteed to be inpired in this process. 

For the Twins

We all know twins are connected - why separate them? :)

Micuna offers a very unique twin bed. Thanks to the special gear to connect the 2 beds creating a seamless space for the two little ones. When they grow bigger, the 2 beds can be separated to ensure safe and healthy sleeping. 

Click to understand more: Micuna Accessories - Twin Kit

Peaceful time, make it double

Question: How do you make two baby sleep at the same time? The answer is here! :)

One and only Micuna rocking chair, with the side rocking cots can can magnet together with the chair for rocking. The perfect feeding / sleeping solution for parents!

All Comes Down to One Good Mattress

(Candide - Choice of Mattresses)​

Candide Baby Mattress (Made in France) is undoubtedly our most popular mattress. It is also being very welcomed in the Hong Kong and Macau market. WIth 40 years of experienced and expertise in mattress making, we have all the knowledge to tell you what is good for your baby. Come choose a good quality, and the right mattress for baby today.

Final words: No matter which baby crib / baby bed / baby cot you choose, it is only a choice from the parents' eye. 

For the baby, they need a good baby mattress - one that is healthy, comfortable, and supportive enough to give them a good night sleep. For most parents, this is obvious but yet they are not well-informed as how to choose the right baby mattress. "Do I need a soft or hard mattress?", "What material do I choose? I sleep on a spring coil bb mattress so let's buy one for my baby!", "Baby can't tell if the mattress is good or not, anything will do.". Over the years we have heard a lot of comments, and as a first-time parents, it really is difficult to judge what is right for your baby.

Give us a call, or come talk to us to understand more!

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For all those bed cot, baby mattress and furniture, you can enquiry with Jakewell and visit their shops/website!

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