Candide - 將最好給最好

For more than 20 years, Candide has been offering sophisticated collection, with more new and innovative products every year.

Exclusively dedicated to the world of babies to their comfort and to the well-being of their mothers parents, Candides's poducts offer the security of a whole company's expertise, blending authenticity, quality and safety.

With the assistance of babycare professionals, our the parents of today and tomorrow. They are constantly on the lookout for the newest trends, so they can create what is best and brightest to welcome your child to the world.


Candide 產品的創作靈感,均來自於法國專業母嬰團隊共同研發。 從中保證 Candide 為父母和孩子帶來更優質的產品外,亦同時讓產品保持原有的法國設計美學。

Candide 的設計師團隊位於法國昂熱的總部,設計和生產所有產品和系列,並對時尚和最新潮流充滿熱情,透過觀察和了解父母的需求,繼續創建我們的所有產品和系列。

Candide 將努力滿足不同父母對於日常育兒、風格和日新月異的需求,致力將最好的孩子。