Babybay mattress (maxi/boxspring) - Medicott® extra aerial


A cozy feeling of well-being for your baby. The innovative hygienic cover of the babybay Medicott® extra aerial effectively prevents the penetration of moisture, but is still permable to air. There is no need of any additional water-repellent mattress pads. The Medicott® mattress effectively and sustainably prevents the formation of mold and dust mites, without use of fungicides or microbicides. completely without pollutants, without the use of fungicides or microbicides! Patented air channels in the foam provide an increased air circulation and thus prevent overheating.The foam core adapts well to your baby’s body shape and ensures a deep and relaxing baby-sleep. babybay Medicott, the perfect comfort mattress with breathable moisture protection.


For nearly 10 years, Babybay have been developing and producing the ingenious concept in solid beech which is free from all hazardous substances. The unique Babybay has generated inspiration in nearly half a million parents in Europe already. This is particularly useful for parents who want to monitor the baby closely and constantly, no matter during illness or for the purpose of breastfeeding.