Citrus Fabric Softener (500ml)

Citrus Fabric SoftenerRef Nr: ECO00276
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Country of origin: New Zealand

This plant-based Softener helps keep clothes, sheets and other fabrics looking and feeling beautifully soft. With no potentially harmful chemicals such as synthetic dyes or perfumes or any tallow (animal fat) based ingredients, this Softener is not only a wonderful help in your laundry, it's also gentle on our natural environment.

ecostore guarantees that its products are:

- Not tested on animals
- GE Free
- Concentrated to save you money
- Packaged in the best materials available
- Labelled with a full list of ingredients

About the brand

ecostore comes from New Zealand and is well-known for making and selling home and body cleaning products that are gentle both to the natural environment and human body. Their standards are held extremely high - no nasty ingredients are used in their products, not even those that they feel doubtful about.