Comfort Natural Mattress

Comfort Natural MattressRef Nr: 482658
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· Made in France
· The combination of the materials used (latex foam and cocolatex) optimises the flow of air while providing maximum support. Its ventilated 3D structure provides for continuous ventilation.
· Organic cotton fabric
· Wool padding.
· Micro-perforated foam latex base. 65 kg/m3 - 2 cm
· Cocolatex 50 kg/m3

Ticking: 38% Organic Cotton 62% cotton
Wool: 100% Wool
Filling 1: 100% latex
Filling 2: 50% Coconut fiber 50% latex


Candide is a babycare specialist from France with over 30 years of experiences in design and manufacturing mattress and bedding related products. Candide's Baby Expert series is very popular among parents and it targets to provide the best well - being for babies in any environment.

Candide - Sleeping specialist from France

For more than 30 years, Candide has been focusing on just one important thing - baby sleeping mattress. With its own factory located in Angers, Candide is well-known for their quality and functional baby mattress, ISO-certified production line, compliant to EN safety standard for baby and child - Candide is committed to providing the best for our new generations!