Pop-Up Booster + Carry Bag + Seat Cover

Pop-Up BoosterRef Nr: BAMBOOSTERDB
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Product Details

● Locks instantly into a safe, sturdy 3D structure
● Withstands 20,000 impacts of 75kg
● Foldable booster to the size of book
● Ultra-light: only 1.1kg
● Stain, abrasion, odour-proof finish
● For kids from approx. 6m
● Removable 5-point harness with elastic shoulder straps
● Comfy padded seat and backrest
● Fits almost all adult chairs
● The chair cover protects other people’s seats
● The bag stores booster and cover

Folded: 30cm x 27.5cm x 3.5cm
Open: 30cm x 28cm x 27cm


Hello, we’re Bombol! We challenge ourselves every day to reinvent all the unhelpful plastic contraptions that weigh young families down. Freeing up grown-ups to be the sparky sources of fun all kids deserve.

As kids we promised ourselves we’d never turn boring. We’d stay sparky.
Of all the roles we play as parents, being a source of excitement has got to be the most fulfilling. After all, when we were kids we promised ourselves we’d never turn boring.

Inventors first. Parents second.
So here we are. As trained engineers we’re making it our mission to reinvent all the unhelpful plastic that weighs young families down. Freeing up grown-ups to be the sparky sources of fun all kids deserve.

How we got here
Bombol was started by Paulina and Frédéric in Italy in 2008. When they moved to Hong Kong, Francesco joined the team. We’re all parents, but before we were parents we were engineers, industrial designers and inventors.

Fold Flat, Pop Up

Our award winning Bombol Booster folds flat when you don’t need it then pops open to become a sturdy, comfy seat. It’s the most portable booster on the market and fits almost all chair designs. Store it in a drawer at your parents’ place or simply slip it in your bag.
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As Safe As the Chair Its Sits On

Our booster’s origami structure is incredibly strong and safe.

We were determined not just to meet the international safety standard for boosters (EN 16120:2014 and ASTM F2640) but also the standard for adult furniture (UNI EN1728:2012). That meant pounding the booster with a 75kg weight – an average adult – 20,000 times to see when it broke. It didn’t.

Flick, Click, READY!

To open the booster give it a flick and it locks instantly into the sturdy three-dimensional structure. To close simply unlock and fold it back. It’s almost magic.

Our Special Five-Point Harness

Nobody likes to be strapped down, so we’ve designed shoulder straps with elastic padding that self-adjusts to your child’s size and movement. The straps are also removable. So you can remove them and throw everything in the wash

Who Wants to Sit on Hard Plastic?

We all like sitting comfy. Our Pop-Up Booster is conceived as a comfy, padded sofa for your kids. And for a little back support we went the extra mile to make sure the back rest pops up smoothly as well.

Olive Oil or Tomato Sauce on the Menu?

A quick wipe and your booster is good as new, thanks to a stain and odour-proof finish completely new to the world of baby products. It’s also compliant with REACH and CPSIA standards to guarantee it’s free from any harmful substances.
Say bye bye to the dirty restaurant high chairs.

Leave Chairs As Clean As You Found Them

How can you stop kids putting dirty shoes on the chair below their booster? Simple answer is you can’t. So we’ve designed a solution: the bag for your Booster includes a simple, effective seat cover.

We Were Told It Couldn't be Done

But it could, and we did. We’ve created a booster that’s flat when folded and meets the toughest safety standards when open. Ready for use whenever and wherever you and your little ones need it!