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Tiny activity toys, gift set

Tiny activity toys, gift set Ref Nr: DBD40849
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About Tiny Toys

Babies start to develop their fine motor skills from a very early stage. Done by Deer’s tiny activity toys are great for practising these first talents.

From birth, a baby’s movement is based on reflexes and within the first six months the baby will start to react to sounds, grasp and examine things with the mouth, explore different textures, and use both hands when playing. The tiny activity toys are specially designed for these first precious months – each with a clear focus on the baby’s development stages.

The toys are designed in soft and subtle colours with features that will trigger the baby’s curiosity and develop the reflexes and coordination skills. Being smaller, it’s easier for tiny hands to grasp and activate the tiny rattles.

Product details

At the age of 2-4 months the baby’s movements are sudden and controlled only by reflexes. The Tiny sensory rattle is designed to fit even the tiniest hand and by the slightest uncontrolled movement the soft Croco rattle will make a sound, which will trigger the baby’s curiosity and stimulate its reflexes.

At the age of 3-5 months the baby starts to be interested in exploring and will love the chewy material and sweet sound of the Tiny teething rattle. The Deer friends texture on the chewing ring will stimulate both the visual, oral, and tactile senses of the baby.

At the age of 4-6 months the baby will begin to investigate and explore using both hands. The handle of the Tiny activity string rattle is easy to hold while the other hand explores the fun and textured strings. The different materials and the sound inside the cute Antee handle will stimulate the baby’s senses and trigger the explorer within.
Encourage the tiny ones and give them plenty of time to work on their new skills.

About the brand

Done by Deer is a Danish company, founded in December 2014. For the last two years we have designed modern lifestyle products for families with babies and toddlers.

Combining great design, innovation and a daring use of contemporary colours to make every item outstanding, the Done by Deer interior and toys are for families who want to maintain a balance when decorating with kids in mind and still appreciate the simplicity of Danish design, which easily matches the rest of the décor.

We combine modern Scandinavian design with features that are fun and playful for children. All of our products are designed in-house naturally tested thoroughly to comply with strict European safety standards.