Doona +嬰兒汽車座椅 (2019新款)

Doona 2019产品编号:DOOSP150-20-031-030
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Product Details

Doona 是全球第一個融合汽車安全座椅及嬰兒手推車於一體設計的產品,專門為父母輕鬆育兒生活而設計。
Doona Stroller 可用於車內及車外,產品符合歐盟和美國認證,具有超強側面碰撞防護及防回彈保護。讓寶寶出行更加安全,是一款安全可靠又實用的兒童安全座椅。
Doona 獲得了認證可以在飛機倉內使用,其創新、安全和設計而榮獲眾多行業獎項。讓寶寶出行更加輕鬆方便,是新世代爸爸媽媽的選擇!

• 一個簡單的操作 - 只需單擊一下按鈕即可打開和關閉
• 可調節車桿,也可作為汽車內的反彈跳桿
• 高質量和安全標準
• 兩年制造商保修
• 五點可以用以固定
• 易於折疊和展開
• 簡易觸式安全鎖制
• 外罩可拆卸和可清洗
• 航空旅行認證,旅行時攜帶比以往更加方便

About the brand

Doona™ is a visionary company committed to improving and simplifying the lives of parents and their babies by introducing innovative products and solutions.
We are constantly driven by our mission and identify pain-points in day-to-day parenting. Doona™ works collaboratively, leveraging the broad capabilities and experience, to alleviate these pains. The outcomes of this process are high-quality products and solutions that truly make an impact on modern day parenting.

Product Warranty

We provide a 2-year warranty for the Doona Infant Car Seat, and 1-year warranty for the Liki Trike, against manufacturing or material defects.
The warranty period is effective from the day of purchase.