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- 法国制造,由Combelle出产,坐拥过百年制造婴童家具的经验。
- 原材料由法国出产,并符合PEFC认证产品。
- 采用天然厚实榉木制造, 不含VOC (挥发性有机化合物)
- 通过欧盟认证标准及PEEC认证

- 外围尺寸: L102 x W58 x 92cm
- 内围尺寸: L96 x 52cm (误差1cm)
- 适合 0-2岁小孩
- 保养: 实木部件和其他部件的产品保修期为2年
(*保养注意: 不包括人为性损坏/损耗,建议于第一次使用时检查清楚货品。)


Combelle 家俱厂源于1926年法国中部。木材选用上等厚实榉木、八种时尚颜色选择、欧盟安全标准、承传近百年设计和制造家俱的智慧,为您的宝宝打造最安全的睡眠环境。

Combelle -
The Tale of a Century
It all started in 1926, a furniture factory in the Marmanhac city located in Cantal, central-southern region of France. Beech wood collected in this high-level land are particularly good and durable for making child furniture - and that's exactly what Combelle has been committed to over the last decade.

Building on its history, Combelle carries its tradition and heritage into a new era. Using material with environmental-friendly PEFC certification, a collection of modern colours, compliance to EN safety standards, and most of all the inheritance of a decade of furniture-making wisdom being recognised by the EPV bodies.

A living story, a passion and an art... since 90 years - Combelle